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All You Can Eat Crab Legs

It's official...AYCE Crab legs is BACK in the Wildwoods every day this summer at Flip Flopz. We are excited to offer this dining event with a few rules. Enjoy as many snow crab leg clusters as you can within 2 hours for $59.95.

Will you be dining with us this year? We are SO EXCITED to offer this dining option!

For those interested in smaller portions, we will be making our 1.5 lb crab leg dinner special a new daily special for $29.

LAUNCH DATE of crab leg specials is Thursday, May 23rd


  • Crab legs will be available daily, but subject to availability and some dates are restricted. We will try our best to have enough crabs in stock every day.

  • Blackout dates do apply, crabs are not available on holiday weekends so we can serve all our our guests equally. We get very busy on holidays.

  • AYCE is $59.95 per person, plus tax and at least one beverage.

  • There is a two hour time limit from the time you receive your first plate.

  • AYCE is dine in only, there is no takeout.

  • No sharing, all guests at the table ordering crabs must order the AYCE. The regular menu is available for any guests not interested in crab dinners.

  • Approx 2 lbs will be initially served, approx 1 lb refills are served after.

  • Competitive eaters or social media challenges are not permitted! Please do not abuse the system. We are a small business, a family owned and operated restaurant.

  • Market price will be charged for leftovers of 1/2 lb or more, to prevent waste. Please only order what you can finish eating.

  • AYCE blackout dates apply.

  • We know they're cool, but please don't take our utensils!. Missing crackers, scissors, picks will be charged to your bill.

  • Abuse of the rules will result in a full market price charge for all crab legs served!


  • Rules are subject to change, please ask your server before ordering

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